A Huge Thank You!

Thank you to all our Partners in Progress, Supporters, Donors, Sponsors and Volunteers.
Without your help, we could not put on the activities and events that make our Wainfleet Fall Fair such a success.

The goal of the Wainfleet Agricultural Society’s Fall Fair is to provide quality exhibits, worthwhile competitions and a forum for learning, discovery and understanding of agricultural topics and opportunities, along with a family friendly atmosphere for the renewing or making of new acquaintances by mainly having fun.


Partners In Progress

Partners in Progress recognizes all significant contributions; $500 or more, whether financially and/or in kind.
The Wainfleet Agricultural Society, which sponsors the Wainfleet Fall Fair implemented a "Partners in Progress" program in 2007 with local businesses to help build the fall fair.

Partners may choose to direct their support to a specific class, event or donate a general gift.
All partnership participants will have their name imprinted on a display board which will be prominently placed in a high traffic area of the Fairgrounds.  Partnership will also be recognized on our Website.

The Partner In Progress request letter can be downloaded by clicking here, or for further information contact Sharon Svob,
Volunteer Fundraising Chair at 

Our Partners In Progress 2023

Platinum Partner

Wainfleet Township

First in Counters

Gold Partner

Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA)

Silver Partner

Lester Shoalts Limited
Wainfleet Volunteer Firefighters Association

Bronze Partner

Clark Agri Services
Cornell Feenstra Electric Ltd.
Dwight TeBrake, C.A.
Easy Radiant Works
Meridian Credit Union
Rankin Construction
Stolk Construction
Sun Country Leasure Products
Wyatt Financial

In Kind

Balicki Construction
Country Boys
Waldan Gardens



Supporters are those individuals or businesses whose financial or in kind support is between $100 and $499.  This support will help the community and visitors celebrate agricultural and rural life with a Wainfleet perspective.

Our Supporters 2023

ADM Mills (In Kind)
Last Drop Water Haulage
Sabo Family - In memory of Johnny Sabo
Sider Automotive Ltd
Stockroom Supply
Wainfleet Lions Club


Class Donors

Class Donors are those individuals or businesses who provide sponsorships for prizes for exhibit entries, whether cash, product or gift certificates.  Class Chairs coordinate with donors for these donations.

These sponsorships can be directed to a specific class or used for general support to recognize fair exhibitors.  Class sponsorships will be recognized using signage near the class entry and in the Exhibitors Listing


Penny Sale

Wainfleet Fall Fair hosts a raffle table, or what we call a “Penny Sale” as an added fundraising effort to support fair activities.  Recognition of donations will be through signage at the table.  Our fundraising chair solicits raffle table items throughout the year.  Also, vendors will be asked to provide a small item to contribute to the penny sale.

If you would like to contribute contact our volunteer Penny Sale Chair