History Of Wainfleet

... and the Wainfleet Fall Fair

The Wainfleet Fair, otherwise known as the Wainfleet Fall Fair is run by the Wainfleet Agricultural Society.

We are an agricultural community, approximately 217 square kilometres located approximately 24 kilometres West of Port Colborne along Highway 3. 

During the Revolutionary War several Loyalists made their way to Canada to settle.  Among this group was David Morgan Sr. who paddled a canoe across Lake Erie to reach Point Industry (now Morgan’s Point) becoming the earliest settler of what was to become Wainfleet.

Mohawk Natives who had allied themselves with British forces during the war, were also given a grant of land along the Grand River, just to the west of what was to become the Wainfleet Township.  These Six Nations Natives were led by their famous chief Joseph Brant (Theyendenega) and helped the first European settlers of the area to survive the wilderness and harsh winters.

Wainfleet appeared under its present name on the map of Upper Canada in 1798 named by Lieut. Gov. Simcoe after Wainfleet, England.

The Wainfleet Fall Fair is a celebration of our heritage and agricultural community.  Our goal is to provide quality exhibits, worthwhile competitions and a forum for learning, discovery and understanding, along with a friendly atmosphere for renewing or making new acquaintances and having fun.